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GS Group supported the World Paper Free Day in the Pskov region

The international social action World Paper Free Day was held in the village of Dedovichi, Pskov region, on October 23, 2014 with assistance of the GS Group international holding company. The event program embraced creative program for school students.

Global social initiative World Paper Free Day is aimed to draw attention to protection of nature and preservation of ecological balance on the planet due to the rational paper use. This year it was the second time the GS Group investment and industry holding company supported this international action.

The World Paper Free Day was held at school No. 2 in the village of Dedovichi, Pskov region. The event was opened by the award ceremony for the winners of the creative contest for school students “Paper boom”, which was announced earlier. Contestants were suggested to make art crafts from used paper and cardboard. 53 children took part in the contest. Each of them presented original work to the judging panel: from animals and flowers made of paper to a huge wicker samovar and a cardboard cup. The author of the latters admitted that it took her two weeks to do such a large-scale craft. The winners of three age groups – 7 to 9, 10 to 12 and 13 to 16 years old – were awarded prizes from GS Group: MP3 players, colorful encyclopedias and creative kits.

Workshop on the use of waste paper for school students was arranged together with the Art&Life studio of handicraft. Under the supervision of teachers, school students made beautiful postcards with their own hands using only scraps of colored paper, old newspapers and magazines. According to participants, they didn’t expect that one can do so many unusual crafts from a paper. School students also discussed such important topic as the environmental protection with Art&Life teachers and volunteers of the ecological organization ECA.

“Kids were really looking forward to this event, and finally made so many handcrafted items. They adore variety of creative classes. Look, how excited they are,” comments Larisa Anokhina, Deputy Principal on pastoral work in the secondary school No. 2 in Dedovichi. – Kids learned that it’s important to take care of paper as it helps saving forests. I believe that they will now have a more responsible attitude towards natural resources. It’s great that GS Group arranges such activities!”

GS Group supports the World Paper Free Day within the extensive corporate social responsibility program conducted by the holding company. GS Group implements the project on building a complex for deep wood processing in the Pskov region which also includes reforestation and improvement of species composition of the total forest area in the region.