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182710, Pskov Region, Dedovichi District, the urban village of Dedovichi, Kommunarov Str., 16
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Preparations for industrial logging and reforestation

This stage covers developing wood material bases and setting the tree nursery under the ball-root system technology into operation.

Seedling cultivation is one area of the project that aims at providing high-quality raw material for reforestation work. Current capacity for nursery seedling manufacturing output is at 2 million seedlings per year. Part of these seedlings will be used for reforestation purposes within the logging unit’s activities where the other part will become available for the market.The nursery also features ornamental shrub cultivation.

Deep wood processing

The second stage includes construction of deep wood processing plant The Sudoma sawmill, LLC. The mill produces high-quality finishing materials for construction where about 40% of the products supplied will be import substitutions for the domestic market. The remaining 60% will be exported and made available for other markets at affordable rates. Own raw material base from the Dedovichi logging unit is used. The Russian Sudoma sawmill will remain one of the few facilities within Europe that will have such specialization.
Sawmill products:

  • Impregnated timber (wood, impregnated with a special composition to prevent decay and other environmentally caused deterioration which is used for external work);
  • Thermo-treated timber (wood, subjected to thermal modification to improve its’ technical and decorative characteristics which is used for internal and external
  • Profiled goods.